Feb 13, 2017

Jordan Barrett

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Leo Parton said...

Even if he has no dick he is as cute as a nail sticking out of the floor and makes some ones shoe stick on it and trip over. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY with a blondey ===> but Valentines' poison arrow might strike you or ... might strike some one you lready love. Cupid is not clever ... but he has the arrow. MMM someone you love ... uh oh ... or you yourself !!! HIT HIT HIT !!! Stuck for life !!! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ___ [whynit is not his day as valentine's versus valentines is the arrow which is of CUPID !!!)( sorry ... properly writing, is, it is CUPID's stupidity with the Valentine arrow and he gets it wrong ... as one of the various original stories go ... Like a lot the one which is that the poison arrow afflicks every one with one and mustly only one day a year with love ). (go figure what 'mustly' means, male versus female ... ha ha ha the ancient Greeks are not complete idiots nor ... mmmmm) Boys ... mother swaggs and swishes her then blond hair over body and face when well and when sick and now am stuck with the love and affection of blonds, even if I am being abused, later, while a young one, by blond men and any blond teach. Auto try to like blonds. Maybe this is one ? Ha HA . ♂☮🍸 ✨🌞❦☮